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Post by Ayden on Sat Jul 16, 2011 1:44 am

How's it going? The name is Ayden, I'm 17 and play Tennis... and Runescape. I think of myself as a funny guy and like to crack sarcastic jokes as well, so if the people here don't take jokes too lightly I will be packing my bags to go somewhere else.

Enough about my boring life let's talk rs. I just got back to playing runescape from a 5 month hiatus. Of course here I am again though playing like it's my life, whatever I guess haha. I always have high goals for Runescape and lately I've been able to live up to them with 99 woodcutting cooking and magic, and I am rearing up on 99 strength.

Regardless my current goal is to take this clan far. I am the main forums guy and if you have any questions hit me up either in game (A_yden) or private message me on here.

Thanks for your time,



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