Opinions on the Citadel Updates

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Opinions on the Citadel Updates Empty Opinions on the Citadel Updates

Post by Ayden on Mon Jul 11, 2011 11:53 pm

Clan Citadels is set to be our biggest update of the year so far, so it’s only fitting that our Clan Citadels Dev Blog is one of the most detailed yet. Take a whistle-stop tour through the Citadels with each area’s respective developer, giving you the full story of the new content, which will arrive on the 26th of July. Mod Chihiro, Mod Edam, Mod Maz, Mod Roderick and Mod Ash have each written about their aims for the content, and there’s even more concept art for you to see. The Dev Blog can be read here.

We’ve also produced a trailer including the first in-game footage of the new Citadels. This gives a great idea of the vast scope and epic scale of what will be possible, so take a look right away:


I personally can't wait to see this thing. I think what the idea is, each clan will have their sort of city and it will be run based on the amounts of materials you obtain for it. Should be interesting.


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